Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas projects

DH is building a dress up storage rack, as seen on Ana White's blog. We added the shelf on top, so it can hold dress up crowns.... It's built and ready for paint. We're doing purple, plus whatever I find to use for the lettering.
He is also building an 18" doll bed, similar to the one linked from Ana's blog, MADE: Pieces for Reese. We are changing it a little to be a canopy bed like one at the AG store. At least she won't care. Dd liked that one compared to the others on their site. So, I'm going to dig in my stash and see what kind of trims I can find for it tonight.
I'm thinking we might do the red toy box for ds, because he might feel left out... or the chair with the storage in the bottom... then he can keep a few school supplies in his room for homework time, or just because.
I'll post some pics, when it's all painted.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I'm excited. I'm finally upgrading my computer to Leopard, not snow leopard, just reg. leopard. I've finally gotten irritated enough to not have firefox and some internet things not working right anymore, that I'm upgrading.

Dear Sis is having her baby any day now, and we're all excited for them.
I can wait for October to roll around the corner.... all the birthdays are coming, except mine, which is ok. Thank god the kids aren't turning 16! DS, to be 7, has proclaimed that he is bored of old toys, and would like new toys. So, he's been advised to look for things to get rid of. Dd just really needs somewhere convenient to put things away. I haven't configured just the right set up yet. A big basket by the door is probably the best answer since she seems to leave everything in the doorway. LOL. Aye. Dh's birthday is coming too. Haven't decided on anything yet, but would like to surprise him. Dying his cadillac shirt blue would probably be good since it's been sitting around waiting. =)

Sewing to do's for the week: Finish a winter hat for a birthday gift, work on baby nephew's halloween wrap shirt.... and trace some other things on the make list.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Too hot to weed, I should be sewing

I tried to weed today, the breeze is nice, but it's gotten hotter throughout the day. By the time I got outside, it was 85 degrees....

so I guess that little girl quilt in planning should move along to the cutting stage. I'm planning to make two small, not quite toddler, not quite twin size quilts. One is for my daughter, and the other for my niece. I'm using a small mix of pink and girly fabrics with a bit of green to throw off all the sweetness. I have a lil' princess prints, some Patty Young prints, Sandi Henderson, and I think one or two others.

I was hoping to make a nice lightweight throw, so it could be an all year quilt blankie. I'm still not sure what I want inside and on the back. I'm going to browse etsy to see what there is for bias binding, otherwise, I guess I'll be cutting into something. I wonder if flannel would be okay... except I might prewash it at least once. I don't mind the whole thing shrinking up some, but not tons. I'll have to take a look at who has batting on sale.

If I can get that cut and off my table, I could work on some tops for me from the new issue of Ottobre Woman. There are several items I really could see myself wearing.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sewing for myself, and If I had my own labels

I've traced my pattern, scratched out several attempted adjustment lines, and finally did it the easy way and took the length off the bottom. The neckline binding is one that you sew on and then carefully fold under and over..... and if I had garment tags for clothes for me, they would say -- Woo Hoo!
Of course, I haven't done the arm bindings yet, but the neck looks FAB! compared to other projects I've made. And FAB! is my favorite word lately, don't know why.
Will add photo, when finished.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The summer garden

perennial mosaic, originally uploaded by twolilacs.
There are so many things in bloom right now. It seems that everything is so early with the weather this year. I have finally taken the opportunity to do one of the things I love—take close up photos of my favorites and fiddle with my camera.
This may be the summer I get some of my better shots framed, since all the photos on my walls were taken down last fall for painting, it's pretty sparse. A little cropping, adjusting and sent off to Sam's or somewhere.
Since I have been sewing more, I also feel like the house should show more of our character, so I'm hoping to incorporate more crafty ideas as opposed to mostly store bought decorations. I can never decide anyways, so it's just as well. A few things floating around my head, are quilting hoops or frames with fabric hung on a wall, quilted or applique pillows for the sofas, family history pics, esp. a childhood similarity collage of us and our kids. My son and my husband are almost identical in their toddler photos.
Other than that, it is just randomness. We are definitely in summer mode here, no set daily plans. Today, we headed off to goodwill to look for a pot for dyeing fabric, no luck there, but I found a few tops. We went to a park next, new to us, and it was so peaceful. A huge open grassy field, with a playground just up from the beach, and a spray ground we will try another day.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heart swim suit, trial no.1

Heart suit 2pc-1.JPG, originally uploaded by twolilacs.

My first swimsuit! It was easier to sew the fabric than I thought. I love stretching elastic, I just wish it loved me better sometimes....
This is a size 92/3T for my daughter. She was in need of a suit that fit her height a little better.
I am not in love with making ruffles, but this wasn't too bad. I changed to a fresh need to sew the stitches to make the gathers. I gathered the front and back separately to avoid popping a thread.
The flat parts of the elastic where they are sewn together gave me a big 'ole flat spot on the leg back, so I probably should have moved them towards the front.
I loved the fabric as soon as I saw it, it's from, last year though.

I had to laugh while making the bottoms, because without elastic they are nearly big enough to be women's unmentionables.

I have a LOT of projects on my want to do list. But, I really need some tops, and my daughter really needs some shorts. My son seems to be doing ok for clothes this summer, but he could still benefit from a few things.

After or in between some of that, is a blanket for my son. I got some cute cars fabric, and a layer of warm & white. I'm hoping to quilt the top myself, but have only made a doll quilt once. But, I like to just jump in, so I'm sure I'll manage.

I would really like to see how Anna Maria Horner uses that giant hoop to do her quilting. If I start in the center and move out, I suppose you'd have to be careful not to hoop over any stitching. It seems more carefree than getting out a room size frame.

All for now.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Happy day

    Today turned out great. Lots of phone calls and some nice mail on my birthday. My sister called first and wished me happy birthday, and I returned the favor since today is her's too... but we're not twins, we're 10 years apart, her being the youngest.
    We actually made up plans over the last few days, so it felt like a really fun packed day today. Ds went to school this morning, and when he got home we headed over to a Japanese grocery. That was all kinds of fun! I've never been there before, and had actually been looking for something like this a few months ago, without much luck. Anyways, the kids picked out some tasty candies. We've been sampling most of the day, from strawberry chocolate lollipops that smell heavenly to these tiny, chewy fruity gummy candies, and ds had some Thomas, chocolate umbrella pops. A few had stickers, so we'll play with those tomorrow. I am having ds keep a daily journal now to help him continue with learning to write and spell, and put a drawing with it. So, maybe he'll want to use his Thomas stickers for it.

    I got the winter issue of Cotton friend, and there are some cute women's shirts, and kids smocks. I saw a slipper pattern when I was flipping too. I'm still working my way through it. I hope I can try a shirt for me, but we'll see how it goes.

    My box came from Atlanta thread, and it was colorful! Lots of beautiful serger thread. And, there was an envelope from Wooly thread in the mail. I was hoping my two free back issues came, but it was some wool scraps I ordered during their sale. I got a few sheets and a scrap back. I am going to see how I like wool felt for barrettes, opposed to the cheap felt from JA's & walmart. I know my friend's daughter wears hers in the pool so I'll have to see how these might hold up. I'm thinking chlorine would not do nice things to the wool.
    We played a bit in the snow this afternoon too. I figured I'd better let them get out there before it's all gone. There was just enough left of our sledding track to make it all the way down the yard. The rest of the yard is getting patchy. Ds was playing around the tree and got startled by a bunny who must be living under the branches. I've been noticing a bunny trail several mornings through the snow. I guess now I know where he's hiding out. He's sharing the tree with the cardinals.
    And to finish off the day, we went to dinner at a local favorite. The kids had breakfast and I had dinner, and then we all had dessert. I drove home exhausted, and a food coma to top it off. Whew.
So now I'm outta here. I'm going to get in a relaxing drink and plop on the couch for a bit before I hit the hay.