Sunday, June 27, 2010

Heart swim suit, trial no.1

Heart suit 2pc-1.JPG, originally uploaded by twolilacs.

My first swimsuit! It was easier to sew the fabric than I thought. I love stretching elastic, I just wish it loved me better sometimes....
This is a size 92/3T for my daughter. She was in need of a suit that fit her height a little better.
I am not in love with making ruffles, but this wasn't too bad. I changed to a fresh need to sew the stitches to make the gathers. I gathered the front and back separately to avoid popping a thread.
The flat parts of the elastic where they are sewn together gave me a big 'ole flat spot on the leg back, so I probably should have moved them towards the front.
I loved the fabric as soon as I saw it, it's from, last year though.

I had to laugh while making the bottoms, because without elastic they are nearly big enough to be women's unmentionables.

I have a LOT of projects on my want to do list. But, I really need some tops, and my daughter really needs some shorts. My son seems to be doing ok for clothes this summer, but he could still benefit from a few things.

After or in between some of that, is a blanket for my son. I got some cute cars fabric, and a layer of warm & white. I'm hoping to quilt the top myself, but have only made a doll quilt once. But, I like to just jump in, so I'm sure I'll manage.

I would really like to see how Anna Maria Horner uses that giant hoop to do her quilting. If I start in the center and move out, I suppose you'd have to be careful not to hoop over any stitching. It seems more carefree than getting out a room size frame.

All for now.


mermaids said...

adorable suit! so much nicer than what you would find in the stores.

Ruth said...

I love it! I made something similar last year for my daughter.

Anonymous said...

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